Updated Pay Survey


During 2016 we completed a review and update of the software used for our online employer remuneration survey, MHR RemData. The updated system was used successfully for the September 2016 update, and was well-received by employers using the service.

The aim of the update was threefold:

  • To take advantage of recent developments in online database management to enhance the efficiency of background data handling, analysis and reporting
  • To improve the responsiveness of the system, in order to deliver results to employers more rapidly following data collection each survey
    • The new system now enables us to report results within two weeks of data collection closing off
    • No other online pay survey can match this short turnaround
  • To improve the visual attractiveness and navigation on the site, to make access to survey results easier, providing employers with greater depth of understanding of how their pay practices compare to market practice.

Enhanced Reporting improves understanding of pay competitiveness

We also took advantage of enhanced reporting options, to refine many of the existing reports, and to develop a number of new reports which provide employers with greater depth of understanding of how competitive remuneration programmes are.

For example, the two questions we are most often asked about pay competitiveness are:

  • empdash

    Employer Dashboard answers key questions

    How do our recent pay increases compare to market practice?

  • How competitive are our Base Salary and Total Remuneration payments when compared to market practice?

A new Employer Dashboard answers both questions by comparing an organisation’s submitted data with market practice. The flexible reporting model used allows the user to refine the market segments reported against, and to drill down into individual records to review the underlying data.

When viewed alongside the upgraded Highlights report (which summarises national practices) the Employer Dashboard provides employers with a high level summary of current competitiveness in these two key measures.

Job Evaluation still has its uses

Although the MHR RemData service has long been recognised as a credible “job match” survey, MHR Global also offers a user-friendly job evaluation solution (JE Leader) as an alternative to job matching.

As part of the overhaul of the RemData site we have strengthened the linkages between the online pay survey (MHR RemData) and JE Leader in two ways:

  • A new Market Value Report allows non-standard roles to be evaluated and benchmarked using the Market Index Value generated by JE Leader
    • Users now have the option of benchmarking by direct comparison or by using job evaluation
  • remmodel

    Example of Remuneration Model

    An enhanced Remuneration model allows users to develop and maintain “banded” remuneration structures, which define pay bands using ranges defined by Market Index Values generated by job evaluation

    • these structures can be saved within the MHR RemData system for future update, either by application of an indexed adjustment, or by realignment with updated survey data.


The redevelopment of the MHR RemData site is ongoing, with further enhancements still in the wings. The new site was used for the first time in running the September 2016 survey, and was instrumental in getting the results to licensed employers by mid-September – a delivery time unmatched by any other commercial salary survey in New Zealand.

Feedback from users has been largely positive, and has also been influential in refining reports and options within the site. As the development is ongoing we welcome this input.

If you wish to find out more about this service – or MHR Global’s other services for employers, including JE Leader – please complete the enquiry form here and we will contact you: MHR Global Enquiry


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